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Choosing a Tux for Prom

Updated: Feb 13

When you're looking for a prom tux, check out the selection to rent at Armstrong Cleaners and Formalwear.

It’s almost prom and… oops… you forgot to order your tux! If you’re heading to prom, you’ll need to make sure you stop by Armstrong soon to pick out the tux to help you look good at prom.

Here are some more tips to help:

  1. Sooner is better. Armstrong works with Jim’s Formal Wear on tuxedo rental, and there is only a limited number of tuxes in each style available. Ordering your tux early gives you a better chance at your favorite style.

  2. Determine your goal. If you want to save your money for something other than prom, we have discounted tux rentals available for you. You’ll still look great, and you’ll save some cash. If you want to stand out at prom, we have tuxes for that, too, including bold colors and patterns.

  3. Get measured. Our Armstrong staff will take your measurements and give you advice on the best style to wear on the big night.

  4. Consider some of our newer options. Armstrong has a variety of options including a CoolMax tux that will help you dance the night away without sweating like you’re at the gym. We also carry slim-fit tuxes and performance fabrics with a little stretch for maximum comfort.

  5. Plan for picking up and dropping off. We recommend picking up your tux 2-3 days early. Most prom-goers pick up on Thursday in case there are any last-minute alterations that need to be made. Return your tux on the following Monday.

  6. Avoid the rush. Come pick out your look for prom now so that you are ready for the fun!

  7. And there's no appointment needed. Come to our Richmond location today! 1019 North A Street, Richmond, IN.

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