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Thanks for sharing, Pamela

Updated: May 16

We recently received a review from Pamela, another one of our customers.

For us, Pamela's story began with a matted coat, which we were happy to clean. But our team didn't realize the sentimental value of our services until after her coat was returned to her.

Pamela shared a little bit of her story in her review.

Pamela R.

Our house was completely demolished in a tornado. Not a wall standing. My favorite dressy winter coat lay in the rubble and mud in the pouring rain for days. The long faux fur was so matted and so muddy I thought it would never be wearable again.

But, I took it to the drop-off place anyway.

When I got it back it looked beautiful! The faux fur was sleek and silky again. In fact, although I had always gotten compliments when I wore it, I realized it had been a long time since it had been that beautiful.

They must have worked very hard to restore my coat. I lost so many things I treasured in the tornado. I am very grateful they gave one back to me.

Service: Dry cleaning

Pamela R., Wow! Thank you for sharing your story.

We are glad that we were able to give you back a small piece of what the tornado took away from you. We hope you have many more wonderful memories in your beautiful coat. We are thankful that you took a moment to share your experience, but we are even more grateful that you and your family were okay through the storm.

Thank you again for sharing your story. We are glad that we were able to help.

-Will Drook, Owner Armstrong Cleaners

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