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What Can We Do For Your Shoes?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Each of us has that favorite pair of shoes that we hope will last forever. Once they begin breaking down, you start wearing them less and less. What good is that? You should be wearing your favorite pair of shoes, not stashing them in the closet. Why not save those favorite shoes instead of buying new ones? Armstrong Cleaners has the solution to your problem- My Shoe Hospital!

What is My Shoe Hospital? It’s exactly what it sounds like… a company that repairs and rejuvenates your worn-out shoes, purses, belts, and more! It’s a very simple process: drop off your worn item, it will be repaired, and it will come back to you ready to wear.

Opening in 1906, My Shoe Hospital began providing expert boot and shoe repair services all around the world. With several skilled cobblers on their team, the Shoe Hospital guarantees to bring your favorite pair of shoes back to life. Armstrong Cleaners is here to assist you in making the repair process as smooth as possible.

Do your shoes need repaired? Drop them off at Armstrong Cleaners and fill out a simple repair form. We will take care of creating your repair request and then have them shipped back to us as good as new. Don’t let your shoes sit in the closet any longer- get them back in walking condition!

Armstrong Cleaners & Formalwear is proud to partner with My Shoe Hospital. Together, we make it easy for YOUR SHOES to look good, too!

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