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Rescuing Clothes and More From Devastating Fire

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Jessica Roberts was at work when her boss called her into the office and shared some very bad news: there had been a severe fire at her Greenwood-area apartment building. She rushed home, not knowing if her roommate was ok or what she would find when she arrived.

The fire, started by a cigarette thrown into the nearby mulch, was still raging when Jessica arrived. Her roommate was safe, but their third floor apartment was one of the units most affected. She could see her charred bed through the bedroom roof.

When the construction crew came that evening, Jessica asked them to retrieve her clothing. As she piled the clothes into her car, she didn’t know what she would do. Her clothes were covered in ashes and smelled like smoke.

“I thought I might as well throw most of them away,” she shared.

She ended up going back to Richmond for a few days and heard about Armstrong Cleaners & Formalwear’s fabric restoration services from a friend. She dropped off her clothes and shoes the next morning. The Armstrong staff helped her unload and sort everything and one employee gave her cash to purchase some basics while they cleaned her items.

The next day she had about half of her clothing back with the remaining clothes and shoes coming back as they were finished. Jessica was impressed with the way her items were restored.

“They are perfect,” she expressed. “I had a ton of white stuff, and it was super clean. It smells fine and looks good.”

One of her most treasured possessions was a baby blanket. Following the fire, the blanket was completely black and had ashes all over it. Armstrong’s was able to fully restore the white blanket.

Jessica and her roommate are rebuilding their lives at a new apartment complex that is closer to their jobs.

For more information about Armstrong’s fabric restoration services, click here.

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